About Whimzy Old English Sheepdogs

We are located on the plains of Eastern Colorado, just 35 minutes southeast of Denver, Colorado.  Our home sits on 40 acres of dog paradise.  While our dogs are pampered inside our home, we do have several large fenced runs for them to enjoy the beautiful Colorado weather.

My love for Old English Sheepdogs began as a child, but the dream became a reality in 2010, with our first of several Old English Sheepdogs.  In 2014, our vision shifted and we decided to move this dream into the show ring.  With our most promising bitches and the help of a mentor,  Whimzy OES was born.


Health Testing

While we cannot promise a lifetime free of disease or health issues, we can assure that all steps are taken to give our Old English Sheepdogs the best start in life.  Prior to breeding, our dogs are tested for diseases and health issues that are common in OES.  Testing includes OFA hips and elbows, CERF, MDR1, EIC, CA, DM, BAER, PCD, heart and thyroid.

Socialization and temperament building

At Whimzy OES, we devote many hours to helping develop stronger, healthier and well adjusted OES. We begin with the biotinus vigor test right after birth. From days 3-16, we complete the 5 standard exercises of the BioSensor, aka "Super Dog" program. These exercises (referred to as Early Neurological Stimulation) work to decrease stress in the puppies and create stronger immune systems.

We also practice early socialization exercises and follow the Puppy Culture training method.  Our hope is to create healthy and well adjusted puppies who will adjust to both the home environment as well as the show ring. 

We consider it a great  

 honor to be mentored by

Holly McIntire,

Tales End Old English Sheepdogs